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Tove Jansson’s and Albert Edelfelt’s joint exhibition in Villa Albert, in Haikko, Porvoo

Year 2024 marks the 170th anniversary of the birth of the artist Albert Edelfelt. In honor of the jubilee year, Edelfelt’s exhibition is visited by the loved artist Tove Jansson. For both Jansson and Edelfelt, the archipelago was an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Albert Edelfelt found endless inspiration in the archipelago. To celebrate the jubilee year, Edelfelt’s exhibition is joined by the works of another great and loved artist from Porvoo archipelago, the visual artist Tove Jansson. Tove, a favorite of many, also celebrates her jubilee year in 2024, as it is 110 years since she was born.

Tove Jansson was a Finnish-Swedish painter, illustrator, and novelist. She is perhaps best known for her creation of the The Moomins, a series of books portraying a fictional family of troll-like creatures. As a visual artist, Jansson was a multi-talent being able to use many different techniques and to follow different style trends. 

The theme of the summer exhibitions is “The Hidden Paradise of the Archipelago”. The anniversary year at Villa Albert is celebrated with exhibitions that explore the artists’ relationship with nature and the archipelago.

Tove Jansson’s and Albert Edelfelt’s works are displayed at Villa Albert, in Haikko, Porvoo from May 7 to September 29, 2024. Tove Jansson’s 15 art pieces come from Moomin Characters Oy Ltd’s and the family’s private collections. Albert Edelfelt’s 7 works are from the Albert Edelfelt Foundation’s collection and private collections. In addition, the artist’s heliogravures, photographs and objects that belonged to the artist are on display in the studio’s permanent exhibition.

Tove Jansson Rantahaltija, 1960, ©Tove Jansson Estate
Tove Jansson Shore Dweller, 1960, ©Tove Jansson Estate

In the first summer exhibition from May 7 to August 4, Jansson’s and Edelfelt’s works are complemented by archipelago-inspired works by Carolina von Schantz and Netta Tiitinen.

In the second summer exhibition, Jansson and Edelfelt are joined by artist Lennart Segerstråle and Terttu Schroderus-Gustafsson, who lives in the Porvoo archipelago. Both artists have been inspired by the archipelago. The exhibition runs until September 29.

The summer program also includes lectures on Albert Edelfelt and Tove Jansson as well as concerts.

For more information: Hanna Kaarina Syrjäläinen, Albert Edelfelt Foundation sr, +358 40 55 29 083 or