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LGBTQ+Traveler’s Porvoo

There are different genders, and a person’s gender cannot be determined by external appearance. Everyone has the right to self-determine their gender or sexual orientation. Each individual also has the right to decide how their gender identity and sexual orientation are presented to others. Sexual orientation is allowed to be visible and audible.

A safe tourism experience

We aim to provide a safe tourism experience and an unforgettable adventure for all visitors to the area, encouraging LGBTQ+ visitors to return to the city again and again. Unfortunately, a sense of safety for LGBTQ+ travelers is not a global certainty.

In one-third of the world’s countries, homosexuality is a crime. In less than twenty countries, there is legislation respecting the human rights of gender minorities, and only a fraction of countries legally recognize non-binary gender. This means that LGBTQ+ individuals still live in most parts of the world without full human rights. (Source: We Speak Gay)

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We Speak Gay partner companies in Porvoo ❤️

RUNO Hotel

Strategic responsibility

The city strategy of Porvoo states the commitment to creating an inclusive, respectful, and communal atmosphere that reduces inequality among residents. The city values include working together with respect, courageously, and responsibly. Social sustainability is a cornerstone of responsibility.

Visit Porvoo communicates these values outlined in the city strategy to its visitors. We are dedicated to promoting inclusivity in our tourism area and our networks by providing information, education, guidance, and support for creating LGBTQ+ friendly tourism products, and incorporating LGBTQ+ communication in our tourism networks.

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Huge potential in LGBTQ+ Traveler segment

We recognize the potential of the LGBTQ+ traveler segment. LGBTQ+ travelers, on average, have higher education levels, travel more frequently, travel year-round, and have more disposable income for their journeys. LGBTQ+ tourism is projected to grow annually. Porvoo offers high-quality accommodation, dining, event, and cultural content that includes several products and services appealing to LGBTQ+ travelers.

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We Speak Gay

We are aware that our journey to becoming a recognized LGBTQ+ friendly destination has just begun, and there is much to be done. We have entered a partnership with We Speak Gay, enabling us to receive and convey information and encourage regional stakeholders toward a shared, responsible, and LGBTQ+ friendly goal.

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