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Santa Claus and the red ochre shore houses in Porvoo

Porvoo city is the Goodwill Town of Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a genuine symbol of goodwill and giving worldwide. He radiates warmth and inspires trust. Santa Claus befriends everyone and treats all people and animals equally. The spirit of Christmas is about compassion, love, and generosity, which bring people together.

Christmas is, above all, a time of good-heartedness, joyous atmosphere, and togetherness. Christmas also offers an opportunity to create something truly special and surprising.

In my opinion, the spirit of goodwill, and the lovely, unique ambiance come together in Porvoo’s Christmas, making it worth experiencing, whether you’re coming from nearby or from a longer distance.

We hope to see you in Porvoo, in the Goodwill Town of Santa Claus.

Porvoo city is the Goodwill Town of Santa Claus. In Porvoo, the Christmas season is one of the most enchanting times of the year, and the city is filled with a unique atmosphere, scents, delicacies and events that people come to experience from near and far.

The theme of goodwill in Porvoo is visible throughout the year in the events that are open to all and free to participate in. For example, the Porvoo Christmas Market in November and December, Porvoo Light Festival in February, and Porvoo River Carnival in August are open events aimed at spreading joy and good feelings to both residents and visitors.

Visit Porvoo and Santa Claus Finland together want to spread the message of Christmas, and through a deepened partnership, local businesses in Porvoo have also been able to become Santa Claus partner operators. Through this collaboration, partner companies have developed services that can use the Santa Claus logo. Products and services adorned with Santa Claus’s mark, images, and stories are handpicked by Santa Claus himself. They are always produced with great care to bring happiness and joy.

Cooperation between Visit Porvoo and Santa Claus Finland is being developed in the long term. With the help of local partner operators, service packages intended for both domestic and international visitors are created, thanks to which people want to come to Porvoo and want to stay here longer.

Fredrik Flodbåt is Porvoo’s own elf

Porvoo also has its very own elf, Fredrik Flodbåt. Fredde sailed on a merchant ship up the river several hundred years ago and was so enchanted by the landscape that he jumped off the ship and settled in a small red riverside warehouse.

You can find the complete story of Fredde on his own page:

Porvoon oma tonttu

How to use the City of Goodwill message in business marketing?

Every business in Porvoo can, in its communication, highlight that its services and products are available in Porvoo, Santa Claus’s Goodwill Town.

Please note, however, that the Santa Claus logo and Santa Claus images are registered trademarks, and their use requires a partnership with Santa Claus Finland.

Become a Partner with Santa Claus?

Whether you want to create concepts, market services, increase sales, spread Christmas joy, or create a memorable experience for your customers, Santa Claus is the perfect partner for this. As a partner with Santa Claus, you can leverage the world’s most famous character, the positive emotions and goodwill it generates, and make a lasting impression on anyone. For more information about the partnership, you can contact Santa Claus Finland;

Santa Claus and the shorehouses of Porvoo