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Porvoo Lokal

Locality is caring and influencing. Choose wisely, invest locally.

Locality is living together, supporting each other and committing to a shared everyday life. Locality is emphasizing the place of residence and strengthening communality, and looking out for each other. Now more than ever it is time to feel proud and take action — make good use of our local resources.

#Porvoolokal is free for you to use in marketing and communications. With it you can spread the word that purchasing a Porvoo-based local product or service is a relevant act. The hashtag can be used freely for commercial purposes as well. From the website you can find examples of products in which the hashtag can be used.

Download the Porvoo lokal logo in different colors and shapes. The hashtag can also be used without the logo’s surrounding “valitse viisaasti” text. The ZIP file includes the logo in green, red, white and black. You can use the Porvoo lokal logo in tote bags and T-shirts among other things.