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Sustainable travel

Working for the good of sustainable tourism in Porvoo is a choice that each one of us can make.

The aim of the Unelmien Porvoo 2030 city strategy is that local businesses live a sustainable daily life and actively take part in promoting environment and climate goals. Climate action is expected to generate more well-being and appealing services to citizens and tourists in Porvoo as well as a health-promoting urban environment.

In the future the success of tourist attractions and tourism businesses is determined by how they acknowledge sustainable development in their operations. Tourists’ decision making is guided by values and attitudes. Stakeholders’ demands towards tourism operators are increasingly public and discussions on responsibility are ongoing in the media. To create successful business activities, tourism businesses must be increasingly interested in following and measuring the effects of their own actions on the economy, environment and society. Responsibility increases competitiveness, enables the success of businesses and affects the success of Porvoo as a tourist attraction.

A responsible tourist attraction has a good reputation, which attracts customers. A good reputation is not built solely through marketing and advertising. Instead, it is earned through reliable and responsible deeds and by discussing them openly. The choices of every business counts for the success of tourism in Porvoo.

Are you interested in joining Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland programme? Please contact Head of Tourism and Marketing Sari Myllynen.

Sari Myllynen

Tourism and Marketing Director

Sustainable Travel Finland companies in Porvoo

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