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The unique selling points of Porvoo

Old Porvoo

Old Porvoo is the crown jewel of tourism in Porvoo. “It feels like being abroad” is a sentence heard from many Finnish visitors. Boutiques, cafés and restaurants offer distinctive services and products — you won’t find typical chain stores in Old Porvoo, but a multitude of unique experiences is guaranteed. Old Porvoo is also loved by influencers. Nine out of ten tourists in Porvoo also visit Old Porvoo


In an image study Porvoo is described with the words fascinating, idyllic, cozy. A unique atmosphere is admittedly one of Porvoo’s strengths and appeal factors. “A city of intimate moments” is a slogan that truly captures the vibe of Porvoo in marketing materials. The atmosphere of Porvoo is best enjoyed with a longer stay in the city. After a good night’s sleep you are able to see the city’s possibilities with new eyes.

For food lovers

Restaurant culture in Porvoo is lively year-round and assortments include delicious options from lunch to fine dining. Local food and produce is respected in Porvoo. In Porvoo we also have our own coffee roasting factory, brewery and chocolate factory. The atmospheric cafés are great resting places where you can observe the busy city life while enjoying coffee and cake. Summer restaurants serve customers on riversides and in riverside warehouses. Local delicacies include Runeberg’s cake and Brunberg’s chocolate kisses.

Porvoo Lokal

Locality is emphasizing the place of residence and strengthening communality, and looking out for each other. In Porvoo many products and services draw inspiration from locality, the treasured history and residency. They have a story that is worth looking into. The visually strong city also inspires photographers and artists. The respect for locality is highlighted in the city’s cultural functions as well as in events. Old Porvoo Ice Cream Factory, Porvoon Paahtimo, Kråkö Bryggeri, Niko Laurila Photography and Island Riddles adventure trips are examples of products and services that draw inspiration from locality. #porvoolokal

Archipelago and the sea

Breathtaking routes open up from Porvoo to the Gulf of Finland archipelago. Guest harbors serve boaters and nature, fishing and idyllic small islands attract visitors to book a stay in cabins. You can explore life in the archipelago through a cruise, boat trip or even with your own car. When the sun sets over the horizon and the fresh sea breeze blows, it is easy to understand why so many return to Porvoo’s archipelago time and time again.