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Culture in Porvoo

Porvoo is a cultural tourist’s oasis! There is plenty of versatile cultural offerings for many tastes. Porvoo has galleries, historical art, outdoor works and changing exhibitions.

Porvoo’s virtual art museum is now open

Porvoo's virtual art museum

In the art gallery you can learn about the artworks and the artists who lived and worked in the city from the 20th century onwards. The latest artworks are from recent years. On display there are paintings, prints, and sculptures from the collections of the City of Porvoo and Porvoo museum.

2024 exhibitions in Porvoo’s galleries and museums

Porvoo Art Hall
5.1. – 11.2. Alexander Salvesen
16.2. – 24.3. Sirja Moberg
29.3. – 5.5. Petra Vehviläinen
10.5. – 16.6. Sasha Huber / Petri Saarikko
21.6. – 31.8. Porvoo Triennale
6.9. – 13.10. Voi Veljet -työryhmä (Antti & Jukka Korkeila ja Paavo, Matti & Tarmo Paunu)
18.10. – 24.11. Pia Männikkö
29.11. – 5.1. Arja Kärkkäinen

Gallery Fikka
5.1. – 11.2. Johanna Pöykkö
16.2. – 24.3. Paola Guzman Figueroa
10.5. – 16.6. Huber/Saarikko
21.6. – 31.8. Porvoo Triennale

Gallery Kulma
5.1. – 11.2. Hannamari Matikainen
29.3. – 5.5. Anna Uschanov
10.5. – 16.6. Art school’s final exhibition
21.6. – 31.8. Porvoo Triennale

Gallery Vanha Kappalaisentalo
5.1. – 11.2. Saku Soukka
16.2. – 24.3. Sirkka Tapio
30.3. – 5.5. Paula Salmela
10.5. – 16.6. Petri Hytönen
20.6. – 31.8. Porvoo Triennale
6.9. – 13.10. Hanna Westerberg
18.10. – 24.11. Selma Haro
29.11. – 24.12. Helka Heinonen & Azar Saiyar

Tove Jansson’s and Albert Edelfelt’s joint exhibition in Villa Albert, in Haikko, Porvoo in summer 2024

Year 2024 marks the 170th anniversary of the birth of the artist Albert Edelfelt. To celebrate the jubilee year, Edelfelt’s exhibition is joined by the works of another great and loved artist from Porvoo archipelago, the visual artist Tove Jansson. Tove, a favorite of many, also celebrates her jubilee year in 2024, as it is 110 years since she was born.

The theme of the summer exhibitions is “The Hidden Paradise of the Archipelago”. Albert Edelfelt found endless inspiration in the archipelago. Also for Tove Jansson the archipelago played a significant role throughout her life. The anniversary year at Villa Albert is celebrated with exhibitions that explore the artists’ relationship with nature and the archipelago.

Tove Jansson’s and Albert Edelfelt’s works are displayed at Villa Albert, in Haikko, Porvoo from May 7 to September 29, 2024.

The route in the footprints of Edelfelt

You can visit the places where the artist painted in Porvoo on foot or by bike.

Art in the streets of Porvoo
If you like art, buildings, culture, design, you’ll love Porvoo.

Phenomenal Iris at Porvoo Museum from 9th of June 2023 to 1st of April 2024

Porvoo Museum’s new exhibition Phenomenal Iris presents the company Aktiebolaget Iris, which operated in Porvoo at the turn of the century. The exhibition in Holm House and the Old Town Hall gives a comprehensive review of the work of the company and the artists that led it, in Porvoo and in the world.

Phenomenal Iris exhibition at Porvoo Museum

Art on the Westbank of Porvoo

The westbank of Porvoo river and its nearby blocks have become a public contemporary art gallery space open to everyone.

The art program has been made in interaction with municipal residents and local artist organizations. Its purpose has been to support the goals of high-quality construction in the region, to bring art into urban construction and to create forms of cooperation between art and construction that support the development plans of the region.

Since 2009, about 20 new works of art have already arrived on the westbank. The authors have been local Porvoo, other Finnish, Nordic and Russian artists.

Route through art in Porvoo street view

Along the route, in addition to works of art on the westbank, you can find famous historical people, the city’s history and contemporary art.

A guided tour adds on to your experience

Albert Edelfelt Studio Museum and Villa Albert

Porvoo Museum / Old Town Hall

Porvoo Tours

Porvoo Art Hall

Gallery Vanha Kappalaisentalo

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