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Restaurants in Porvoo

10 Places to Eat and Drink in Porvoo for Foodies

From craft beer and freshly roasted coffee, to one of only six Michelin Star restaurants in Finland, Porvoo offers a trip down the tongue for all tastes.

Nestled just a short drive from Helsinki, there’s a haven of eateries, cafés, bars, and fiercely independent producers of some of the finest food and drink in this part of the world.

Traditionally, Finland isn’t known as a culinary capital, but things change. There’s a revolution happening in bars and kitchens up and down the country, and Porvoo believes in the cause. You can smell it, you can taste it, it’s delicious – but there’s an insatiable appetite and hunger to create memorable meals and lasting moments for anyone who dines and drinks here.

If you like to savor the flavor of your travels, Porvoo will stay on your lips for a lifetime.

And here are 10 places to eat and drink when you come to town:

1. Porvoon Paahtimo Bar & Café

Go here for: Freshly Roasted Coffee & Craft Ales

What is it? A converted red brick warehouse on the river that serves up aromatic cups of freshly roasted coffee from its own roastery, heartwarming mulled wines and hot chocolates, and a host of locally brewed craft ales – as well as a fine selection of better-known specialty beers. Sip them by candlelight inside the old walls with a backdrop of Jazz or Blues music, or by the river on the floating stage outside.

Best time to go? All-year-round. It’s a cozy home-away-from-home in the winter, and a hotspot for enjoying the warm evening vibes in the summer.

Porvoon Paahtimo

2. Bosgård Organic Farm

Go here for: Charolais Beef Burgers, Steaks & BBQ

What is it? Bosgård Organic Farm is a haven for farm-to-table enthusiasts just outside of town in the beautiful Porvoo countryside. This rustic gem offers a summer delight with sizzling BBQ burgers and steaks. Each bite is a testament to the farm’s commitment to organic excellence, where flavor meets simplicity, and every meal is a journey from pasture to plate.

Best time to go? Summer. The surrounding nature and farmlands are the perfect place to enjoy some of the tastiest beef around. You can even take a tour of the farm.

3. Runo Hotel

Go here for: Cozy Brunches & Mouth-Watering Cocktails

What is it? It’s one of the most beautiful hotels in Finland, but that’s not what has us excited. We’re celebrating its lavish brunches and alluring evening cocktails. Mornings–or early afternoons–start with a symphony of flavors, from delicate pastries to artisanal cheeses, setting the tone for the day. In the evening, Runo transforms into a sophisticated hub where each cocktail is an ode to mixology. It’s an artful experience in pure, intimate, understated luxury.

Best time to go? All-year-round. But there’s something about the décor and flavors that make autumn and early winter evenings that much more special.

4. Café Fanny

Go here for: Cakes, Pastries & Old Town Coffee Vibes

What is it? A charming spot in the heart of Porvoo’s old town. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and sugary treats linger in the air, and waft out of the door into the main square where tourists and locals go about their day. It’s almost impossible not to get drawn in, if even just for a moment, to enjoy the sweet flavors and nostalgic atmosphere of this delightful delicatessen.

Best time to go? Spring or summer. It’s right in the heart of Porvoo Old Town, so it’s the ideal place to enjoy a coffee and cake and get a taste of what life is like here.

Cafés and restaurants have their terraces open also in winter

5. Zum Beispiel

Go here for: Fresh Pastas, Meze Salads & Delicious Lunches

What is it? Standing at the entrance of Porvoo Old Town, Zum Beispiel is the home of some of the most delicious lunches and dinners in the area. There’s a true passion for pasta, all handmade with love to elevate the incredible flavors and ingredients that the chef chooses to pair with them that day. You have to try their breads and selection of olive oils and salts – they almost outshine the main courses.

Best time to go? All-year-round. But lunch is a must. The menu will tickle your tastebuds, and the textures and tastes will massage your soul.

6. Brunberg

Go here for: Melt-in-your-Mouth Truffles & Local Chocolates

What is it? Sweet tooth? Brunberg is a homegrown chocolatier renowned for its heavenly truffles and exquisite, velvety chocolates. Step into the shop for some free tasters; walk out with a pack or box of the most indulgent chocolates in Finland. A bag of Brunberg Tryffeli (truffles), or “Kisses” are the perfect gift for a loved one – that’s if you’re able to resist devouring them yourself!

Best time to go? All-year-round. But the only thing that heals the winter blues more than a piece of smooth, velvety chocolate is…more pieces of smooth, velvety chocolate.

Brunberg Chocolate Shop in Old Porvoo

7. Cellar Café

Go here for: People-Watching & Lazy Day Drinks by the River

What is it? On the banks of Porvoo river, Cellar Café is a hidden retreat away from the crowds. It feels like a well-kept secret as you enter the doors and walk down the stairs that take you below street level. There’s an intimate, almost speakeasy feel to it, but grab your beer, wine, or coffee, and head back outside to the terrace. Find a seat, relax, enjoy your drink, and watch the world go by.

Best time to go? Summer. When the sun comes out to play and dances off the ripples in the river, and every face has a smile, there’s really no place like it.

8. Porvoon Vanha Jäätelötehdas

Go here for: Uniquely Delicious Ice Cream Flavours

What is it? It’s the local maker of some of the tastiest, creamiest ice cream you’ve ever tasted. There’s no fixed address, but you’ll find their stalls around town whenever the heat of the sun has you dreaming of ice cream. Choose from a variety of artisanal flavors, from classic vanilla to unique Finnish-inspired creations, each scoop is delightful. Sit down on a nearby bench, or stroll along the cobblestone streets with a cone or cup to enjoy.

Best time to go? Late spring – early fall. It’s always a good time for ice cream, but nothing beats a few cool licks and slurps in the height of summer.

Porvoon jäätelötehdas ice creams

9. Gabriel 1763

Go here for: Incredible Pizzas with Fresh, Local Ingredients & Toppings

What is it? An artisanal pizza restaurant set in a beautiful building from the 1700’s nestled in Porvoo Old Town. The bases are just how pizza bases should be, and the toppings are to die for. Each pizza has a unique story and name, and all of them infuse flavors and locally-sourced ingredients that you won’t find anywhere else. For example, you could try their classic reindeer pizza for a truly unique taste.

Best time to go? All-year-round. The ingredients are seasonal, but there’s something so perfect about gourmet pizzas and ice-cold beer in the summer.

10. Vår

Go here for: One of Finland’s Top Dining Experiences

What is it? One of only two restaurants in the country to be awarded both a MICHELIN star, and a MICHELIN Green Star for Gastronomy & Sustainability, Vår delivers a Nordic fine-dining experience like no other. The name, meaning “spring” in Swedish, sets the tone for a menu that blossoms with seasonal flavors and culinary creativity. And each dish reflects the vibrant, ever-evolving palette of Nordic cuisine.

Best time to go? Whenever you can! If you’re lucky enough to get a reservation, go! Spring, summer, fall, winter: one night in Vår and you’ll forget the world outside.

In summary, Porvoo is a food lover’s paradise. Locally-sourced ingredients, truly unique flavors, great ambience and atmosphere, and the perfect setting to enjoy it all. It’s a place that prides itself on its specialty foods and rebellious menus – and it welcomes anyone with great taste to eat, drink, and be merry.

Whatever time of year it is in Finland, whatever cuisine you like, and whatever mood you’re in, there’s always something delicious to experience when you visit Porvoo.