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1. The Art Factory

Alexander Salvesen’s light sculptures.

A labyrinth of light on the courtyard.

2. Aleksinpuisto – Mystique

Alex park turnes into a stage for dance and light. The group Taikatulet will perform their piece Mystique on both days 18.30, 19.30 and 20.30.

3. By the river – Fragments

Sedemminut’s Fragments is on display in the park between the Mannerheiminkatu bridge and the walking bridge.

4. Under the Mannerheiminkatu bridge

Visit Porvoo will hand out light collars to dogs by the Mannerheiminkatu bridge.

5. Näsi manor

Aleksi Hakala will light up the Näsi manor. Music by Frans Andersson. The piece will evolve during the month of February and the introduction of the piece is during Porvoo Lights.

Stroon will perform his ambient set in the manor. Welcome to the show.

6. The church – Metal mass

Experience a metal mass by a live band in the church.

7. Old town of Porvoo – Mega Viki

Viktor Frešo’s Mega Viki is a massive glowing balloon in the center of Old Porvoo.

8. Runeberg’s park – Epibionts

The group Inter; Acts’ interactive piece Epibionts is located in Runeberg’s park.

9. Porvoo market square – Dancing fountains

The market square is filled with food and drink and the piece Dancing fountains.

The dance school from the Art Factory will also perform on the market square during the festival.

10. The city hall

Max Lapinsuo-Sylwén  and Miika “Rölli” Ridanpää have created a unique piece on display on the walls of city hall.

11. The central park – Engelsplan

Capitalin AV will transform a frozen fountain into a light piece.

Vanha 123 – Virta

Porvoo Jazz Club welcomes the band Virta for a special concert in Vanha 123. Get your tickets in advance here: 15/13 €, from the door 20 €.

Porvoo Lights on the map