ZENTRA Youth Club

Zentra Youth Club in central Porvoo comprises a large hall, which can be divided into three sections.  One of the sections has a mirror wall. In the lobby there is a café where you can buy snacks and candy. There are also various smaller rooms for leisure activities, such as a games room, a Hobby room, Ryhmis - a room for cooking and meetings, and Soundi - a band rehearsal space. Monttu is a room for bigger events, such as disco and concerts. 

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Youth Card
The Youth Card is required for entry to Zentra. To get a Youth Card you need to fill in an application form and return it to Zentra. The card is free of charge and valid for entry to all youth facilities in Porvoo. The card entitles the holder to borrow game equipment and to receive a discount for events and activities arranged by the City’s Youth Services.

Download and fill in application for Youth Card