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Virvik nature trail

Virvik nature trail is located in an outdoor recreation area about 15 kilometres southeast of the centre of Porvoo. You can get to Virvik daily by bus from the centre of Porvoo, as well as by car. The trail is located next door to the Virvik golf course. There is also a public beach about one kilometre from the path. There is a café in the old Virvik Manor building.

  • The trail is approximately 2.5 kilometres long, and it runs through varied and sometimes rough terrain. This then presupposes that visitors will have a moderately good level of fitness and appropriate footwear.
  • In the damper areas there are wooden plank walkways to make it easier to cross. Rubber boots may still be necessary in wet weather.
  • The trail is marked with orange spots and bands along the terrain.
  • There are notice boards along the trail explaining the area's natural features in Finnish and Swedish.

Virvikintie 363 06200 Porvoo

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