Vaccinations against coronavirus

Updated November 25th 2021

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Coronavirus vaccinations are at Näsi health care center (Askolinintie 1) . The vaccination is voluntary and free of charge. 

Walk in -vaccination (no appointment needed):

  • Sat 27.11. 9–15.30
  • Sat 11.12. klo 9-15.30
  • Wed 15.12. klo 16-19.30
  • Sat 18.12. klo 9-15.30
  • Wed 22.12. klo 16-19.30

Coronavirus vaccinations at the moment

  • For persons over 12 years old. 

Make an appointment online

A parent or guardian can book the vaccination for a child if he or she does not have own bank ID or mobile certificate. A child may decide whether to take the vaccine if a health care professional considers him or her able to make the decision on the treatment based on his or her age and developmental phase. If not, the consent of all guardians is required.

Consent form

If the online booking is not possible, the appointment can be booked by phone. Please call the answering machine for the vaccine appointments: +358 40 145 5000.

  • The answering machine speaks Finnish and Swedish. Instructions how to use it:
    • After the first question push 1 (Finnish language).
    • After the second question, push 1 (or if you want to cancel your time, push 3).
    • After that you can hang up and wait to be called back.
  • Please only call once and wait for the call back! 
  • When they call you back, you must provide the name and birthdate of the person to be vaccinated.

Instructions for the vaccination 

  • Please arrive at the earliest 10 minutes before the given time.
  • After the vaccine there is a 15 minute follow-up time.
  • You can be accompanied by one person if needed.
  • If you have any symptoms of covid-19 or flu, please cancel your appointment by calling the booking number; see instructions above on this page.
  • Wearing a face mask is strongly recommended.

If you have a question, please send us an email message to

Rescheduling second shot

You can now get your second shot of the coronavirus vaccine sooner than scheduled. It can be given earliest 6 weeks after your first shot.

Please reschedule your second shot online:

Third shot - severely immunocompromised individuals

Severely immunocompromised individuals will receive a third dose of the vaccine when at least 2 months have passed since their second vaccine dose.

According to the THL guidelines, this group includes the following diseases and conditions:

  • organ transplant
  • stem cell transplant
  • severe to moderate congenital immunodeficiency
  • immunosuppressive cancer treatment
  • treatment of autoimmune diseases with immunosuppressive biologics or JAK inhibitors
  • dialysis and severe chronic renal failure
  • advanced or untreated HIV
  • other severe immunosuppressive conditions as assessed by a physician.

Third shot - elderly

Persons who got the second shot less than six weeks after the first shot will can book a third shot, if six months has passed from the second shot. In Porvoo persons over 80 were given the second shot between Januay 14th and February 5th 2021.

Questions about the third shot? Watch the video below.

Video about the third shot


A certificate to prove your coronavirus vaccination, latest coronavirus test result and passed coronavirus disease is available online in Omakanta and can also be printed. Vaccination data shows in Omakanta within approximately one week from the vaccination date.

If you have no user credentials to Omakanta, you can pick up the certificate from Näsi Health Centre. Please call 040 145 5000 to request for the certificate. There is a callback service.


If your vaccination data is missing in Omakanta and you need the certificate, please call the number above. Kindly avoid unnecessary calls regarding the certificate unless you really need it for travel or something. The issues with the data transfer are on the national level and they are working on it.

Vaccines and coronavirus (Finnish institute for health and welfare)