Vaccinations against coronavirus

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Coronavirus vaccinations started in Porvoo in January and will continue throughout the spring. The vaccination schedule follows national guidelines. Vaccinations are given by appointment only.

Vaccination schedules will be established as vaccines become available.

Coronavirus vaccinations 

  • Vaccinations are now given to citizens over 75 years old (born 1946 or earlier)
  • Vaccinations are now given to citizens in risk group 1 in the age of 60-69 (born 1952-61).
  • From March vaccinations are given to citizens over 75 yers (born 1946 or earlier)

Information in English about risk groups

Book a time online

If online booking is not possible, a time can be booked by phone. Answering machine for booking time to coronavaccinations +358 40 145 5000.

  • The answering machine speaks Finnish and Swedish.
  • By following these instructions, you will be called back. After the first question push 1 (Finnish language), after the second question, if you are in risk group 1 push 1, if you are over 75 years push 2, if you want to cancel your time push 3.  After this you can hang up and wait to be called back.
  • Only call once and wait to be called back. You will be contacted as soon as there is vaccine available. Some may need to wait for a week or two.
  • Vaccination can be booked for those born before 1940 and live in Porvoo. Identity is checked at the vaccination site.
  • When you are called back you you are asked for name and birthdate for the person to be vaccinated.

Questions can be sent to

Vaccination site and instructions

Vaccinations are given at the Näsi health care center, address Askolinintie 1. Entrance through the main door.

  • There is no need to register at the machines at the Näsi health care center.
  • Arrive at the earliest 10 minutes before the given time.
  • After the vaccine there is a 15 minute follow up time.
  • One chaperon can join.
  • If you have some symptoms of corona or other flu, please cancel your booking through the same phone number.
  • Wearing a face mask is strongly recommended.
  • The vaccine is free for eveyone.

The vaccine is primarly given at the health care center. In certain cases the vaccine can be given by the mobiile vaccine unit at home for example. This issue can be diskcussed during the return call for the booking.

Vaccines and coronavirus (Finnish institute for health and welfare)