The City’s climate actions

The Porvoo – City of Dreams 2030 city strategy defines the City’s vision, values and development goals up to 2030. This website presents the city’s own actions to further the achievement of the set goals.

A pioneer in climate protection

Porvoo is known for carbon neutral living, sustainable solutions for community planning, energy, public transport and commuting, and the Kilpilahti bioeconomy and circular economy cluster. Schools, day care centres, households and companies are leading a sustainable everyday life and actively contributing to our goals for environment and climate. In Porvoo, climate work gives increased well-being, a healthy urban environment and attractive services for residents and visitors.

Carbon neutrality

Porvoo will evolve to become a forerunner in carbon neutral housing. We will use land use planning to create dense and energy-efficient urban areas, as well as conditions for areas that are not dependent on private cars. We will densify the city through complementary construction while maintaining connections to green zones and nature. We will promote the lifecycle efficiency and energy production of buildings, as well as the use of renewable energy. We will take goals related to climate, the environment and the diversity of nature into account in the City’s procurements, decisions and service production. We will seek new ideas for our climate work from our international partners and networks. We will actively share our know-how.

Sustainable living

We will support our residents’ sustainable habits and actively encourage them to make environmentally-friendly choices. We will have the profile of a city with sustainable transport, utilising functional feeder traffic and public transport, ride-sharing and mobility as a service.

Circular economy

Porvoo will be a city that promotes circular economy. Circular economy opens up both new business opportunities for companies and opportunities to make sustainable choices for residents.