Sustainable use of materials

The circular economy plays a significant role in sustainable development and the mitigation of climate change. By recycling waste, we can both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save virgin materials. 

Work to prevent waste

Residents’ choices play a key role in the prevention of waste. You can make an environmentally friendly decision by selecting products with a long service life and multiple uses whose production has not consumed lots of materials or carbon-based energy. Work to prevent waste:

  • by composting your biowaste
  • by sorting your waste and taking it for recycling
  • by borrowing, sharing and repairing things

Waste recycling has an effect on both greenhouse gas emissions and the use of natural resources. Recycling also saves money!

Buy second-hand and share things

By recycling, borrowing, sharing and repairing things, you can save both natural resources and money. With their choices, consumers can guide manufacturers to making products in line with the principles of sustainable development.

So before buying a new product, it is worth to check out the supply of flea markets and other second-hand outlets. Also consider if you really need to own the product or if it would be more economical to borrow the product.