Sustainable housing

The climate impact of housing forms approximately 30–40 per cent of Finnish people’s total emissions. You can easily reduce the climate impact of housing, for example by

  • lowering the temperature of your apartment. Lowering the temperature by one degree reduces heating expenses by approximately five per cent! The recommended temperature is 20–21 °C in living rooms and 18–20 °C in bedrooms.
  • adjusting ventilation. The portion of ventilation in energy consumption can be as much as 40 per cent!
  • investing in an air source heat pump as an additional source of heating. If your house has direct electric heating, an air source heat pump can reduce your electric bill by as much as a third!
  • reducing the consumption of hot water. Did you know that hot water costs approximately twice as much as cold water?
  • considering aspects of your mobility needs when choosing your place of residence. The location of your home usually determines the need and amount of driving by car!

Home appliances should be chosen by their electricity consumption, and their ecologically effective use should be studied. The appliances that consume the most energy in homes are lighting and refrigeration appliances.