Sustainable development in schools

The schools of Porvoo work diversely for sustainable development. The curriculum contains many objectives and contents related to sustainable development and climate change, which are covered in teaching. In addition, schools have their own everyday practices and campaigns that promote thinking and actions in accordance with sustainable development.

The schools realise the circular economy in many ways. Often the text books of theoretical subjects are used by several students over several consecutive school years. In arts and crafts, the schools utilise recycled materials (e.g. discarded school desk lids) and organise various courses related to the utilisation of recycled materials. Many schools have cooperated with parents’ organisations to promote recycling e.g. in acquiring skiing and skating equipment. Schools have also created their own guidelines, giving instructions to students on water and energy conservation or waste sorting.

The schools sort their waste: paper, cardboard and biowaste. Some schools are currently testing the collection of plastic waste. Food waste is monitored in order to reduce waste. Some schools have also given some of the responsibility of recycling to students, e.g. the recycling of milk cartons.