Shared cars

Porvoo has made Nissan Leaf electric cars available for rent for City employees, residents and tourists. The cars are rented and serviced by First Rent A Car Finland Oy. The shared cars are available exclusively to City employees for work use on weekdays from 7 am to 4 pm, but on weekday evenings and at the weekend the cars can be booked by private individuals. Three of the cars are reserved for the work use of social and welfare services personnel (quota: Test users). Three cars are available for rent by residents and tourists in the evenings and at weekends (quota: Porvoo Town Hall).

Car rental

Private individuals may rent shared cars by first registering at You can also rent cars using the Hertz Car Sharing Suomi app, which can be found in the GooglePlay store and AppStore. City employees must comply with instructions issued by their employer while registering with the service and renting cars.

In shared use, the responsibility for the car and the rent lies with the user according to the terms and conditions. In the event of a road accident or theft, the excess for a private user is EUR 500/instance of damage.

Rental prices

In private use, the prices for the shared cars are as follows:

  • EUR 8/hour
  • EUR 56/day
  • EUR 120/weekend (Fri 4 pm to Mon 7 am)

Car pickup and return point

The shared cars are located in the city centre, next to the market square in a car park along Rauhankatu. The car park is located at Rauhankatu 18, Porvoo.

If you are driving longer distances and need to charge the car, you are responsible for the costs arising from this.

Ground rules

You should abide by the following ground rules while using shared cars:

  • Book the car according to a realistic schedule. If at any time during your trip you realise that you will not be able to return the car in time, extend your existing booking by using the app, for example.
  • Check the car for any damage before using it.
  • Keep the car tidy. In order to make sharing cars pleasant for everyone, you should keep the car clean.
  • Report any damage and need for servicing and don’t hesitate to provide Hertz with feedback.
  • You may not transport animals in shared cars.
  • As the user, you are responsible for making sure that the tyre pressure and the amount of windscreen washing liquid correspond to the recommended values specified in the user manual.
  • Remember to take any personal belongings from the car with you when you return it to the charging point.
  • Connect the charging cable once you have returned the car.
  • Please note that the charging points located next to the town hall are reserved for shared cars only.
  • When you return the car, wipe down contact areas in accordance with the instructions in the car. You can find cleaning equipment in the car.

Register here

The Hertz Car Sharing Suomi app (Google Play)

The Hertz Car Sharing Suomi app (AppStore)

Please contact Hertz customer service if you have any problems

If you have any questions concerning the service or you would like to provide feedback, please contact Hertz Carsharing customer support, which is available every day of the week around the clock:

Hertz Carsharing tel. 020 555 2555, e-mail: