Schools and education

Porvoo has total of 16 Finnish speaking schools and 14 Swedish speaking schools.

The city shall assign each and every child of statutory school age to a local school or other appropriate venue, where instruction may be provided in the child's native language. In most cases, a primary school is one of the schools administered by the municipality. The obligation of the municipality to assign a school applies to all children of statutory school age who live within the municipality’s jurisdiction. Although a local school is usually the school located in closest proximity to the pupil's home, this is not always the case.

The pupil is also entitled to apply to a school other than the one assigned by the municipality, provided that there are study places available. The pupil's parents or guardians are required to cover any necessary transport or chaperone costs. In such cases, the school principal makes the final decision regarding admission of the pupil.

Welcome to school! Guide in English for the guardians of first-graders

Welcome to school! Guide in Arabic for the guardians of first-graders