Renewable diesel in the city's vehicles

The City of Porvoo was the first city in Finland to introduce Neste MY renewable diesel, made entirely from waste and residues, in all its diesel vehicles in 2017.

Neste MY renewable diesel is an excellent solution for cities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, because using Neste MY renewable diesel can lead to as much as 80 per cent lower greenhouse gas emissions for the entire life cycle of the fuel compared to traditional fossil diesel.

Neste MY substitutes over 100,000 litres of fossil fuel in Porvoo per year, resulting in a reduction of 240,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. This reduced the carbon footprint of each resident of Porvoo by approximately five kilograms.

Switching to Neste MY renewable diesel is possible without any modifications to the vehicles. It is fully compatible with current diesels, so it can be added to the tank even if there is still some conventional diesel left in the tank. Neste MY renewable diesel is better or as good as the world’s best fossil diesels in all its properties but with a considerably smaller environmental impact. Its high-end properties guarantee cleaner combustion, decrease engine noise and reduce local emissions.