Recommendations and restrictions

Updated 7.1.2021

This page contains the City of Porvoo’s regulations, recommendations and restrictions related to the coronavirus.

Due to the corona situation in Uusimaa, Porvoo will continue the restrictions and recommendations until 31st of January.

Information about Coronavirus

 You can stop coronavirus infections by following the safety instructions

  • Take care of good hand hygiene and coughing hygiene
  • Wear a face mask
  • Keep a safe distance of 2 metres
  • If you are ill, stay home
  • Do not go to public places, school or work if you have any symptoms
  • Book a coronavirus test even if your symptoms are mild

How to act if you suspect having the corona virus

Download Koronavilkku App

Koronavilkku is a contact tracing app produced by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) to help you find out whether you may have been exposed to coronavirus.

Download Koronavilkku

Face masks

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare recommends that people over the age of 12 wear a face mask

  • in public transport,
  • in public indoor areas such as shops, post offices, banks and libraries,
  • in public events, public events of more than 20 people also outdoors,
  • everyone who is not remote working is recommended to wear a face mask in all meetings at work and when at work
  • in hobbies,
  • in schools for grades 7-9, in high schools, vocational schools, polytechnics and Folk high schools by students, personnel and guests,
  • in schools for grades 1-6 personnel and pupils in 6th grade,
  • in day care by personnel according to possibilities, especially persons who move between groups.
  • parents should wear a face mask when visiting daycare premises, for example when bringing or picking up children,
  • youth work activities and premises.

The face mask is strongly recommended:

  • At all social and health care service locations for everyone over 12 years of age.

The face mask is obligatory:

  • Visitors at elderly peoples assisted living and rehabilitation departments must wear a face mask. Also visitors between 7 and 15 years old must wear a face mask.

Porvoo residents with low income will receive two washable fabric face masks free of charge. Face masks are given at distribution stations to those residents who ask for them and who feel they cannot buy the masks themselves due to their financial situation. You do not need to prove your income or provide other information.

How to use a face mask

Working remotely

Working remotely is recommended for anyone whom it is possible.

Sevice center Kompassi and customer service 30th November – 31st January

The city's service center Kompassi is closed for customer visits. However, customer service is available Mon-Fri from 9 am to 4 pm by telephone +358 20 692 250 and by e-mail You can also get service electronically via

It is not possible to pay bills sent by the city in Kompassi while customer service at Kompassi is closed. Fishing permits must also be purchased from the online service at

You can make an appointment with Kompassi for necessary transactions. This kind of appointment is only to make an appeal against the city's decisions and to explore city documents. These matters are also urged to be handled primarily electronically.

Documents submitted to the city can be left at Kompassi's mailbox, Rihkamatori B.

Other customer services

All transactions with the city are handled primarily electronically or by telephone. In necessary situations, appointments are arranged separately. Information on the city's services and how to contact them can be found on the city's webpage.

Libraries 30th November – 31st January

The main library and nearby libraries are closed to customers. Library material can be reserved through the Helle online library. Reservations can be picked up from the main library, nearby libraries and the library car and returned to them, except for Kerkkoo library. The main library’s return hatch is open. 

In addition to the online library, the library's e-services, such as e-books, magazines, music and movies, are available to customers. Digital support is also provided remotely.

Customers have access to a client computer for essential fast online transactions. Appointments must be booked in advance from the library customer service: main library tel. +358 19 520 2418,; Gammelbacka Library tel. +358 40 197 7212 and Kevadkumpu Library tel. +358 9 520 2410.

Events, book tips organized by the library can be followed streamed on the library's Facebook service.

Cultural services 30th November – 31st January

The city's cultural and exhibition spaces as well as museums are closed. The premises maintained by the city such as the Art Hall, Gallery Vanha Kappalaisentalo and the home of J. L. Runeberg are closed. In addition, Walter Runeberg’s sculpture collection is closed in winter. The museums maintained by Porvoo Museum, the Holm House and the Old Town Hall, as well as the Art Factory and Culture House Grand are also closed.

Cultural events and workshops have been canceled. 

Culture can also be enjoyed remotely in many ways. The supply is wide and new productions are constantly published. The Digital Cultural Services website contains various concerts, fairy tale lessons, craft workshops and, for example, artist interviews. 

Art school 30th November - 31st January

Porvoonseudun musiikkiopisto (school of music) and Porvoo Art School will move to distance learning. Art School semester starts in February.

Music play schools will continue in kindergartens. Other music play schools are moving to distance learning.

At the art school afternoon club Konstikas continues divided into small groups.

The city recommends that private primary education providers implement end-of-term education as distance learning.

Kansalaisopisto (Citizens' College) 30th November - 31st January

All courses at Kansalaisopisto are moved to distance learning to the end of the semester. If distance learning is not possible, then the course will be canceled and postponed to another time. The Citizens' College informs the participants about the arrangements separately. Some of the lectures are streamed.

Swimming hall 30th November-31st January

The swimming hall is closed to all users.

Gyms and outdoor sports venues 30th November-31st January

School gyms are for school use only.

All hobbies organized indoors by the city will be cancelled. Outdoor activities for people over the age of 20 will be cancelled. Hobby shifts for outdoor activities for people over the age of 20 will be canceled. Hobby activities for people under the age of 20 can continue outdoors, but only with their own training group on previously granted shifts. There are no competitions, matches or series. No new shifts will be granted.

The city’s outdoor fields can be used by the city inhabitants when there are no activities for children and young people. Surveillance in the fields will be increased. Changing rooms and service buildings are kept closed. School exercise is carried out outdoors and on school premises, not in other indoor exercise facilities.

Outdoor areas such as local sports venues, outdoor trails and nature trails are available to all residents and fitness steps and outdoor fitness equipment. The Kokonniemi winter swimming place can be used, but the changing rooms are closed. The outdoor cottages are closed.

Training and competition opportunities for competitive and elite sports are secured for professional sports based on a serial license agreement or sports agreement, as defined by the Ministry of Education and Culture. As well as for national team activities, Finnish Olympic Committee supported athletes and Ministry of Education and Culture scholarship athletes in cooperation with Urheiluakatemia in Helsinki area.

The city recommends that private operators also follow the same restrictions as the city. 

Youth services 30th November-31st January

The youth facilities are closed. Youth workers continue to work outdoors, in schools and digitally. In addition, they continue to meet children and young people in need of special support also indoors safely by prior arrangement.

Youth counseling and guidance point Ohjaamo provides service remotely and by appointment. The band facilities are closed.

All youth workers can be reached either by phone, WhatsApp, email and through the Youth Services Instagram account.

Youth events are organized digitally through various channels.

Social and Health Services 

Social and health services will continue for the time being, and appointments will not be canceled.

It is recommended to use a face mask and to arrive with the smallest possible group, preferably without an escort. For example, in the clinics, both parents can come to the reception, but siblings should not be included if possible.

Omenamäki service house dining and information point Ruori are closed to visitors until otherwise is informed. Ruori gives service by phone and e-mail on Mon-Fri from 9 am to 3 pm, tel. +358 40 676 1414 and

Other facilities

The Gammelbacka wellness center, Gammelbacka's multi-purpose building Alvarinkulma and Lundintalo will be closed from 30th November 2020 to 31th January 2021.

Public events and gatherings 30th November 31st January

The Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland has forbidden all indoor and outdoor public events and general meetings from 30th November to 31th January 2021, public events and meetings up to 10 people are allowed provided that safety can be ensured in accordance with the Ministry of Education and Culture and THL. instructions. Events up to 10 people should be organized only if necessary, such as statutory general meetings and association meetings, the meeting should be organized remotely whenever possible. The decision also applies to Porvoo.

Private events

The city recommends that close contacts be limited to those close to one's own family or to those who are equated with a family. No other private meetings or family reunions are recommended. Small memorial services can be arranged.

Visits to service houses

The city recommends that residents and relatives meet outdoors in the yard of the service house and in meeting rooms. Residents can go outside with relatives, following the safety instructions.

High schools 30th November 31th January

Linnankoski High School and Borgå Gymnasium will move completely to distance learning due to the corona situation. However, the needs teaching in person are secured. Near teaching is offered e.g. for students with special educational needs and developmental disabilities, and for students who need individual support for various reasons.

Last year students are returning to the school on January 11th. Students in other grades continue distance learning until January 31st, 2021.