Recommendations and restrictions

Updated 15th of October 2021

This page contains the City of Porvoo’s regulations, recommendations and restrictions related to the coronavirus.

Information about Coronavirus

The City's services

Most of the City's services are open as usual, applying health and safety measures and some limitations though. Please check information on each service on the City's website and the list of all exceptional service hours. 

You can stop coronavirus infections by following the safety instructions

  • Take care of good hand hygiene and coughing hygiene.
  • Wear a face mask even if you have received two vaccine doses.
  • Keep a safe distance indoors. Keep some distance also outdoors.
  • Stay home if you are ill.
  • Do not go to public places, school or work if you have any symptoms.
  • Book a coronavirus test.

How to act if you suspect having the corona virus 

Public events and gatherings 

The Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) has made a new decision that starting from 1st of October there are no longer restrictions of public events and gatherings. General hygiene requirements must however still be observed; for example by providing facilities for cleaning hands and as spacious area as possible.

Read AVI's announcement in Finnish 24.9.2021

Gyms and outdoor sports venues

Audience access to races and matches is allowed in accordance with the regulation set by the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland (see above).

The following health and safety instructions apply to guided hobby activities:

Any activities must comply with the instructions from the authorities, and when it comes to sports, also the instructions from the Finnish Olympic Committee and the sport's governing bodies regarding safe social distancing, hand hygiene and face masks.

A face mask is recommended for instructors and participants over 12 years of age if safe distance is hard to keep and if the person does not have a health reason not to wear a face mask. A face mask is recommended while not exercising sports.

The organizer of the hobby activities must provide a health and safety plan that complies with the instructions. You do not need to submit the document to the city but it must be available if asked. Following the given instructions is extremly important, otherwise the activity or the given trainingtime can be cancelled.

Social and Health Services 

It is recommended to use a face mask and to arrive with the smallest possible group, preferably without an escort.

Visiting rehabilitation departments at Näsi

You need to inform the personnel about the visit on beforehand in the rehabilitation departments at Näsi.

Face masks

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare recommends that people over 12 years of age shall wear a face mask, specially if they haven't received two vaccine doses. 

A face mask is recommended in:

  • public transport
  • public indoor spaces such as shops, post offices, banks and libraries
  • public events
  • hobbies
  • all work spaces where you cannot keep safe distance, both in public and private sectors and
  • youth work activities and premises.

A face mask is strongly recommended:

At all social and healthcare service locations for everyone over 12 years of age. The personnel gives instructions to the clients regarding the use of face masks. An own mask is recommended but masks are also available onsite.

At the city's indoor sports facilities for everyone over 12 years of age while not exercising sports. This means that the mask is strongly recommended at the spaces such as the lobby, entrance, meeting and changing rooms and stand etc. Please wear a face mask when entering the premises.

At elderly peoples assisted living and rehabilitation departments any visitors over 7 years of age should wear a face mask. 

Parents should wear a face mask when visiting daycare premises, for example when bringing or picking up children.

How to use a face mask