Recommendations and instructions

This page contains the City of Porvoo’s recommendations and instructions related to the coronavirus. They are aimed at the city’s residents and stakeholders.

Effects on the City of Porvoo’s operations

You can stop coronavirus infections by following the safety instructions

  • Take care of good hand hygiene and coughing hygiene
  • Wear a face mask
  • Keep a safe distance of 2 metres
  • If you are ill, stay home
  • Do not go to public places, school or work if you have any symptoms
  • Book a coronavirus test even if your symptoms are mild

Information about what you should do if you suspect an infection.

Download Koronavilkku App

Koronavilkku is a contact tracing app produced by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) to help you find out whether you may have been exposed to coronavirus.

Download Koronavilkku

Face masks

The face mask recommendation is valid:

  • in public transport,
  • in public indoor areas such as shops, post offices, banks, libraries, as well as in swimming pools and other sports facilities, at least in public changing rooms,
  • in public events, public events of more than 20 people also outdoors,
  • in hobbies from the age of 15,
  • in high schools, vocational schools, polytechnics and folk high schools,
  • youth work activities and premises,
  • parents should wear a face mask when visiting daycare premises, for example when taking or picking up children.

Porvoo residents with low income will receive two washable fabric face masks free of charge. Face masks are given at distribution points to those residents who ask for them and who feel they cannot buy the masks themselves due to their financial situation. You do not need to prove your income or provide other information.

How to use a face mask

Working remotely

Working remotely is recommended for anyone whom it is possible.

Private and student events

  • Private events are organized for up to 20 people.
  • Student events will be reduced.


HUS's (Helsinki University Hospital) recommendation on hobbies will also apply in Porvoo from Monday 19th October.

  • The recommendations applies to sports clubs, civic and labor college courses, art schools (for example, dance, theater, music and visual arts schools) and group hobbies (for example, scouting, orchestra and choir activities).
  • It is recommended that the size of the hobby group be less than 20 people.
  • Participants are encouraged to wear a face mask from the age of 15 as recommended by THL (Finnish institute for health and welfare). In addition, other instructions are given for the activities of the groups, e.g. safety clearances.
  • Major cultural and sporting events such as exhibitions, concerts, sports tournaments should not be organized. If such an event is considered to be absolutely justified, the total number of participants should be limited to less than 50 and the event should be held without an audience. However, if an audience arrives, the event organizer should, where possible, require attendees to use a face mask by informing them in advance.

Association meetings and events

Associations have been given their own recommendation for organizing meetings and events.

  • The event organizer has a responsibility to ensure safety. It must be possible to maintain safety distances, the availability of hand sanitizer and hand washing facilities. People must wear masks. The organizer must also remind the people attending of the safety practices.
  • The recommended number of participants in public events of associations is a maximum of 50 people and a maximum of 20 people in private events.
  • In order to identify possible infection situations and exposed people, the organizer of the event collects information about the participants, however, in accordance with the law.
  • The recommendation also contains other guidelines for event organizers.