Porvoo Lights FAQ

What is Porvoo Lights? 

Porvoo Lights is Porvoo's first light festival, which takes place 14th to 15th February at 6pm-9pm on Friday and Saturday. Light installations and sounds are sprinkled throughout the city. Porvoo Lights is built around a path flowing through the city, with various illuminated objects along it.

Check out the route and objects (in Finnish)

The best way to arrive to the event?

We recommend visitors to arrive on foot. The route is designed for walking and the parking spaces in the center of Porvoo may fill up quickly. We recommend using the parking area by the old bridge in Old Porvoo, on the west bank of the Porvoonjoki river. The Art Factory has also plenty of parking places.

Are the shops open during the festival? 

The shops and restaurants along the route will build their own ensemble with LED lights in their windows. They will form an illuminated path to the city, creating a magical feeling to the route that runs through Old Porvoo to Jokikatu street. About 30 participants have registered for the event.

Companies that are registered for the event

Services along the route?

A few portable toilets are available along the route close to the Mannerheiminkatu bridge on Jokikatu and by the last point of the route, the market square.

Are there maps for the event? 

Route maps of the Porvoo Lights are distributed at the Cathedral during the event (only in Finnish and Swedish). The route is marked and you will be guided in the right direction during the evening.

Download the PDF-map here (in Finnish) 

Is there any other program?

The festival has also inspired local actors and there are already a number of new content creators:

  • The Art Factory dance school participates in the event with its own program.
  • Hamari SEO has a 1976 Citroen Camionette on display, with 4280 LED lights.
  • If weather permits, there will also be a laser light show from Sahasaari island on both festival days.
  • Puppet theater Ofelia's puppet Mrs. February will guide the guests from the opening at the church to the marketplace, where the festival route ends.
  • The marketplace has a family-friendly event and Fredrika School's café. Light Circus Spektri will perform at the market place in the city center three times on Saturday at 7 pm, 7:30 pm and 8pm. An ice sculpture is also created in the marketplace during Friday.  

Safety and accessibility?

As the event is being organized for the first time, it is difficult to predict the number of visitors. Traffic smoothness is predicted at junctions and pedestrian safety is enhanced by traffic controllers. The traffic control is handled by VPK Hinthaara-Boe and VPK Vessö.

Unfortunately, the route is not accessible due to the cobblestones of Old Porvoo. The season can also cause difficulty in moving around.