The oldest parks in Porvoo are Kaupunginpuisto, Runebergin puisto and Lyseopuisto. The main parks located in the old town include Linsenin puisto, Borgströmin puisto and Kellorinne, Edelfeltin aukio and Fredrika Runebergin puisto.

The most impressive of the newest parks are found along the east riverbank near the restaurant area and the Guest Marina, and include August Eklöfin puisto and Köynnöspuisto on the west side of the river.



Huhtisen koulu and Ritarinpuisto, Huhtisentie 7
Hornhattulanpuisto, in the park between Fredrika Runeberginkatu and Mika Waltarinkatu
Hamarin skatepark, in the park between Veräjäpolku and Högkullantie
Kokonniemen skatepark, behind Jäähalli and Kokonhalli, in Jääkiekkotie