Mikko Soininen, Managing Director, RTG Sales Oy: Nationwide customer service in Porvoo

In September 2015, a company called RTG Sales Oy landed in the city with an enthusiastic response. The company’s business is based on providing outsourced customer contact centre services for tourists and operators in the tourism industry. Contact centres serve customers with a variety of needs concerning bookings, online services and exceptional circumstances. In addition to customer services, the company provides assistance in arranging international and national events, meetings, congresses and team-building exercises. According to entrepreneur Mikko Soininen, the services of RTG Sales Oy are primarily used by large operators in the tourism industry who require their customer services to be available in Finnish, Swedish and English. The company was founded in 2004, and its head office in Kajaani provides approximately 130 people with jobs.

When RTG Sales Oy opened a new location in Porvoo in the autumn 2015, dozens of new employment opportunities became available in the city. About 30 people are currently employed by the company in Porvoo. Soininen says that the idea of opening a new location in Porvoo originally came from the need to recruit Swedish-speaking experts to provide customer services in Swedish while studying the opportunities to expand to other Nordic languages as well. In addition to Porvoo and Eastern Uusimaa, the coastal region of Ostrobothnia and Western Uusimaa were also considered as possible locations for the new office.

The location of the new office was reviewed from a variety of perspectives. A key factor regarding future recruitments and partnerships with companies was the availability of education related to the industry, which is arranged in Porvoo at secondary and higher levels of education in Finnish, Swedish and English. Establishing the business in the city centre was a particularly important objective. In addition to an appropriate location, the nature of the business requires modern and disruption-free data connections and excellent acoustics in the customer service area. The customer service representative and the customer must hear each other when speaking on the phone without any difficulty, even if several similar processes are in progress in the same area at the same time. Appropriate premises were available in the historically significant WSOY building, which underwent the required alteration work in close collaboration with the lessor Renor.

According to Soininen, the reception in Porvoo has been welcoming, and cooperation with local operators has gone smoothly right from the start. The city administration has reacted very positively to RTG Sales Oy’s plans. The company or Soininen himself did not have any prior connections in or ties with Porvoo, so the cooperation with local operators began without any preconditions. Valuable information regarding the local labour market, business premises and regional networking opportunities was provided by Posintra and the local Employment and Economic Development Office, among others. Preliminary ideas regarding partnerships and topics of discussion have been prepared with local educational institutions, including Haaga-Helia, Edupoli and Point College.

Soininen thinks that, from a business perspective, the key message is to keep as many jobs in Finland as possible. Entrepreneurs are required to be precise and systematic in the current economic climate, but achieving this is far from impossible. The future of RTG Sales Oy seems promising, according to Soininen. Spirits are high in Porvoo, the recruitments have been very successful, and the staff is committed to the development of activities. This is the course the company wants to stay on!