Local government pilot on employment

The local government pilots on employment started on 1 March 2021 and will end on 30 June 2023. During the pilot projects, certain duties of the state-run Employment and Economic Development Offices (TE Offices) are transferred to municipalities. Porvoo is one of the municipalities participating in the pilots. 

The local government pilots on employment aim to increase employment among unemployed jobseekers and direct them to training and education more effectively. Another objective is to create new solutions to ensure the availability of skilled labour. The pilots make it possible to more effectively coordinate employment, social and health services for the benefit of customers. 

Customers are assigned to the pilot project by the TE Office

During the pilot project, jobseekers continue to register to the TE Office as usual. TE Office assigns those belonging to the target group of the pilot to the right municipal service. The assigned customers receive their TE services from the municipality during the entire pilot project.

The services provided by the municipality are available to customers participating in the local government pilot and can still be applied for directly. The services provided by the municipality are also available to customers of the TE Office who are not participating in the local government pilot.

All the municipalities participating in the local government pilots on employment are listed on the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s website.

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Job coaches' contact details

Johanna Laurikainen, johanna.laurikainen@te-toimisto.fi, 0295040041
Irina Mieskonen, irina.mieskonen@te-toimisto.fi, 0295040305
Jaana Korppi, jaana.korppi@te-toimisto.fi, 0295041026
Cathrine Blässar, cathrine.blassar@te-toimisto.fi, 0295041223
Johan Park-Björklund, johan.park-bjorklund@te-toimisto.fi, 0295040608
Annika Herviö, annika.hervio@porvoo.fi, 0400942870
Annika Friman-Jalomäki, annika.friman-jalomaki@te-toimisto.fi, 0295040844
Sari Westerlund, sari.westerlund@porvoo.fi, 0404899778
Ida Mattsson, ida.mattsson@porvoo.fi, 0405578943
Matias Vilkko, matias.vilkko@porvoo.fi, 0400131633
Anu Korhonen, anu.korhonen2@porvoo.fi, 0403570290
Maria Cedergren, maria.cedergren@porvoo.fi, 0404899521
Marianne Chanth, marianne.chanth@porvoo.fi, 0401366238
Aino-Maija Maisonlahti, aino-maija.maisonlahti@porvoo.fi, 0405686645
Jaana Lindholm, jaana.lindholm@porvoo.fi, 0407669106
Hans Poutakari, hans.poutakari@te-toimisto.fi, 0295 041 915
Maria Saksholm, maria.saksholm@porvoo.fi, 0403592581
Päivi Mäkelä, paivi.makela@porvoo.fi, 0401936168
Jutta Lindqvist, jutta.lindqvist@porvoo.fi, 0401582405
Satu Weckström, satu.weckstrom@porvoo.fi, 0406761373
Micaela Kananen, micaela.kananen@porvoo.fi, 0405264539
Elli Rankka, elli.rankka@porvoo.fi, 0405122417
Kirsi Lindqvist, kirsi.lindqvist@porvoo.fi, 0405291671
Jenny Broberg, jenny.broberg@te-toimisto.fi, 0295040701
Noora Huldén, noora.hulden@te-toimisto.fi, 0295040201
Natalia Simos, natalia.simos@te-toimisto.fi, 0295041918
Helena Aaltonen, helena.aaltonen@te-toimisto.fi, 0295040033
Heidi Svenfelt, heidi.svenfelt@porvoo.fi, 0405465168
Maria Tikkanen, maria.tikkanen@porvoo.fi, 0405381415
Sini Zimmer, sini.zimmer2@porvoo.fi, 0403545043