Information about Coronavirus COVID-19

What should I do if I suspect an infection?

If you have the symptoms of a mild respiratory infection, such as runny nose, cough, sore throat, muscle pains or fever, stay at home and make an appointment. Do not arrive to the health center without calling!

Electronic appointment for corona test

The fastest way for a corona test is HUS's Coronabot. You can make an appointment for a corona test yourself. To make an appointment, you need a bank ID or a mobile certificate.


In the daytime

All patients with a severe respiratory infection must call the phone numbers reserved for coronavirus guidance. These phone services direct the patients to the infection clinic as needed.

  • Patients received by appointment only. 
  • For information and appointments call Mon-Thu 8 am-3.30 pm, Fri 8 am-2.30 pm: +358 40 547 7764 or +358 40 481 0344.
  • The clinic is intended for all patients in Porvoo who have a respiratory infection and whose symptoms are so severe that self-care at home is not sufficient.
  • Based on the symptom assessment, you will be directed to either drive-in corona sampling or a respiratory infection reception.
  • Do not come to the health center on site without calling first.
  • Mainly people in Porvoo are invited to Johannisberg (old nursing home building) for a corona test
  • Children under the age of 12 are also tested, but children are also tested at a children's hospital in Helsinki.

On weekdays, sampling can be done via electronic appointment (Coronabot) or by calling the health centre's corona counseling phone.

On weekends and public holidays, time for sampling can be booked via electronic appointment (Coronabot) or by calling the HUS emergency service 116 117.

Need a coronavirus test for travelling abroad?

If you are travelling from Finland abroad and therefore need a coronavirus test and certificate, you must book it from a commercial healthcare service provider. The fees are not reimbursed by Kela.

Coming to Finland from abroad?

Please use the Finentry service to book a coronavirus test in Finland for free. If you live in Finland, please see the website of your hometown for how to book the test (online by Coronabot or by phone).

 Test answers

  • Test responses are completed within 1-4 days of sampling.
  • A negative result (= normal sample) is reported via SMS.
  • A positive result is contacted by an infectious disease physician by calling.
  • The results will also arrive in My Kanta pages:

Respiratory infection clinic and information

  • If the situation requires, coronary patients are admitted to the respiratory infection clinic.
  • The respiratory infection clinic is located at the Näsi Health Center in the X-ray corridor.
  • Entrance from the C-staircase, from the stairwell stairs down to the ground floor.
  • Follow the safety instructions in the stairwell: carefully disinfect your hands and use a mask.

Evenings and weekends

If your symptoms are so severe that you cannot manage them at home, call the emergency line of the HUS area: 116 117.

The national helpline provides general information about the coronavirus. The number is +358 2 95 535 535. The helpline is primarily intended for people who are unable to search for information on the internet. The helpline is available on weekdays from 8 am to 9 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm. Please note that the helpline does not provide health guidance or instructions in case of acute symptoms.

More information and guidelines:

The City of Porvoo follows the COVID-19 coronavirus situation and operates according to national and regional guidelines. We advise our residents and visitors to follow the the guidelines of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare

Helsinki University Hospital (HUS)

Ministry of Social Welfare and Health

Ministry of the Interior