Information about cookies

In order for us to be able to offer you only information that is likely to be of interest to you, we may inspect your purchase history and the personal interest you have informed us of. To get a more accurate and comprehensive picture of your areas of interest, we can also use cookies (that is, data packets or tokens) to connect the information you provide to the data we collect on your visits to our website and mobile services.


We also use the data we collect with cookies (that is, data packets or tokens) and other technology for allocating advertisements and services, and, for example, product and service development and improvement. By using cookies we are able to identify the type of internet browser you use and certain types of data related to the use of our website through that browser.

We also use cookies that help us to allocate our own and selected third-party marketing on websites outside the service—for instance, according to what you have searched for on our website, or what services you have been reading about on our site. These cookies are usually provided by a trusted third party.

The sorts of data collected with cookies and other technology cannot be traced back and used to identify a particular user. In accordance with the laws on use of personal data, the data collected with cookies and other technology can, however, be connected to personal data collected from a person through his or her use of the service. It is likely that your browser by default accepts cookies, but if you don’t want data on your browser use to be collected then you can change your browser settings accordingly.

Note that preventing the use of cookies will result in some of our service functions no longer working in your browser. If you prevent the allocation, or targeting, of advertisements on your browser, you will be shown as many ads as before but they will no longer be selected in response to your areas of interest.