Industry and commercial life

Today's Porvoo is a vivid city catering a full range of commercial and public services. The city is a thriving centre for the economic region of the eastern part of the province of Uusimaa.

Porvoo originally grew up as a trade centre and it continues to be an attractive focal point as a centre of business and commerce. The volume of retail trade makes Porvoo one of the bigger municipal centres. People from the wide surrounding area come to the town to do their shopping.

The traditions and structure of industry and commercial life are based on two vibrant industrial branches in Porvoo - electrotechnical and petrochemical industries. The Ensto Group has specialized in the electrotechnical field as well as in automation and electronics. The oil refinery ongoing to the national oil company Neste oil and the petrochemical production plant of Borealis Polymers Oy are nowadays part of the modern profile of Porvoo.