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Immigrant Services in Porvoo

We provide social services at the initial stage of integration to

  • those arriving as refugees
  • asylum seekers who have been granted a residence permit
  • victims of human trafficking and
  • undocumented migrants.

You will receive practical guidance and advice in various matters. 

Advice in your mother tongue

Guidance and advice will be provided at the immigration services office as follows:

In Arabic: Mondays at 9–11 am and Wednesdays at 1–3 pm.

In Kinyarwanda: Tuesdays at 9–11 am.

Contact us

Adress: WSOY-building, Kaivokatu 37, 3rd floor. Please make an appointment to visit us!

Phone numbers to the emplyeers here

MOI immigrant service point

A multilingual service point at Kombi House also serves immigrants. Read more


 Welcome to Finland -guide (in English) 

Welcome to Porvoo -guide (in English)

Porvoo residents from close to a hundred countries

The City of Porvoo is located on the Southern Coast of Finland in the region of Eastern Uusimaa. The city has some 50,000 inhabitants, 2,129 of whom were foreign citizens representing 94 different countries according to statistics at the end of July in 2015.

Immigrants make up 4.3 per cent of Porvoo residents. Most of them have moved to Porvoo based on family ties or for work purposes. Approximately one third of Porvoo’s immigrants are refugees or Ingrian migrants returning to Finland.

The City of Porvoo’s immigrant services are organised according to the

Integration programme for immigrants (in Finnish).

Multicultural activities

This page offers information on multicultural activities organised by the City of Porvoo and its affiliates. Find an interesting new hobby or other activity and join in! Please see the contact and registration details for each activity respectively in the description provided. 

Finnish discussion club Juttukolo

Juttukolo is a Finnish discussion club that meets on Mondays at 3–6 pm in the facilities of the Finnish Red Cross in Jokikatu 25.

Juttukolo is open for immigrants who wish to practice their spoken Finnish and for Finnish-speaking people who want to get to know people from other countries and help them become more fluent in Finnish.

The discussion group is organised by the Porvoo branch of the Finnish Red Cross and the association Speak Finnish with Me (Puhu minulle suomea ry). Free entrace.
Find out more at the website of the Finnish Red Cross

Sports activities for immigrants

Join in and make new friends while excercising or playing sports - adopt a social way to work out your body and mind! Immigrants and asylum seekers are offered a variety of sports opportunities either as a group or together with others.  Any cultural or religious restrictions of the participants are observed and respected in the groups.

For more information, please contact Sports instructor Miia Heikkilä, 040 754 0484,

Luckan Integration

The information desk is open on Tuesdays and Fridays at Culture House Grand in Piispankatu 28.

Luckan Integration

The FIKA mentor programme promotes integration into Finnish society. Events at Culture House Grand and other locations. Service in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Further information by e-mail at integration.borga(at) or by telephone at +358 (0)50 521 0093

Let’s read together

The Let’s Read Together network, run by the Finnish Federation of Graduate Women, supports the integration of immigrant women into Finland. In a Let’s Read Together group you can learn how to to speak, write and read in Finnish.

The lessons are free of charge and take place on Tuesdays at 10 am–12 noon in the WSOY-house in Porvoo. Mannerheiminkatu 20 K, auditorium.

You can bring your children with you to the group. We welcome all of our former and new students and teachers to join in

Meeting Point

At Meeting Point, you can study Finnish free of charge. Together, we organise themed events, trips and parties.

A social worker of the immigration services is on call on Fridays at 12 noon–1 pm at Meeting Point at Opistotalo in Mannerheiminkatu 15.

Meeting Point opening hours:
Mon 2:00–4:00 pm
Wed 12 noon–3:30 pm
Fri 10 am–2:15 pm

Stop by and find out more about what we offer!

Courses for Immigrants

Information in English

Multicultural Association of Porvoo

MAP is a non-profit organisation established in 2012. The association aims to introduce immigrants to Finnish culture and encourage them to share their culture with Finnish locals.

MAP promotes multicultural community development in Porvoo.  To meet its aim, the association organises events, seminars and meetings.

Multicultural Association of Porvoo (MAP)

MAP Porvoo Finnish language café

Join in and practice Finnish, brush up on your conversation skills and learn more about the Finnish language on Mondays at 4 pm. You can also sit down with your friends and have a conversation over a cup of coffee or tea in Finnish, Swedish or English.