How we can help each other?

We will promote the services and products of entrepreuners in a responsible way through the social media channels and websites of the City of Porvoo. 

We need your help with this:

  •  How do market your product or service in a current and safe manner?
  •  How have you addressed the situation?

You can sign up your company here. The product or service must be in Porvoo area. 

  • Example 1: The restaurant offers its meals through Foodora or other transportation service, which can leave prepaid meals behind the door. 
  • Example 2: Traveling abroad cancelled? --> Go and see the outdoor activities like nature trails in Ekudden or Sikosaari
  • Example 3. We encourage you to purchase a gift card to support small company business
  • Example 4: K-Supermarket Tarmola and Citymarket Porvoo opens their doors one hour earlier for risk group people in weekdays
  • Example 5: Can your trusted friend or relative help you with groceries or other purchases? Remember the instructions given by THL (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) when delivering the products.

City of Porvoo reserves the right to decice which services and products will be features in the channels. The choice is always influenced by the prevailing and latest information.