Help and support

Counselling and support

The East Uusimaa social service provides counselling and support should the coronavirus situation cause concern for your and your loved ones’ well-being and safety. The social service helpline does not provide health advice. East Uusimaa social service, tel. +358 40 517 4194

Help for people over 70, risk groups and those in quarantine

  • If you are at home in quarantine, over 70 years of age or otherwise at risk and need help with shopping or food aid, you can ask for help by calling these numbers:
  • FRC Porvoo branch volunteers, tel. +358 40 757 1236Soita: +358 40 757 1236.
  • Counselling and service guidance for families with children +358 40 673 5882Soita: +358 40 673 5882 (Mon–Fri 9 am–3 pm)
  • Adult social work emergency service, tel. +358 40 162 6343Soita: +358 40 162 6343 (Mon–Fri 9 am–3 pm)
  • Ruori, guidance for older people, +358 40 676 1414Soita: +358 40 676 1414 (Mon–Fri 9 am–3 pm)
  • East Uusimaa social service helps with emergency food aid during evenings and weekends, +358 40 517 4194Soita: +358 40 517 4194
  • Immigrant services, tel. +358 40 136 3669Soita: +358 40 136 3669 (Mon–Fri 9 am–3 pm) Service in Finnish, Swedish, Arabic, English and French.
  • Many stores also have separate opening hours and services for those at risk.

Mental health and substance abuse services discussion line

Mental health and substance abuse staff, nurses, a psychologist and a social worker will provide help if the situation caused by the coronavirus causes concern, anxiety or fear. No health advice is available from this number. The number is open on weekdays from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm, tel. +358 19 520 4527.

Social work for families with children

The helpline for social work for families with children answers on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm, tel. +358 40 673 5882.

Business consulting

Posintra is the local development company in Eastern Uusimaa and offers mentoring for companies in financial and personnel matters.

Contact Posintra for an appointment tel. +358 50 597 3887 (weekdays 9 am to 4 pm) or 

Customer service and advice

the City’s service centre Kompassi is open. Kompassi is open Mon-Fri 9am-4pm. You should prefer contacting by telephone and electronically tel. +358 20 69 2250

Service centre Ruori for older residents serves only by telephone and email on weekdays 9 am–3 pm, tel. +358 40 676 1414 and

Tourist information at the Art Factory is open. The information is available Mon–Fri 9 am–4 pm, Sat 11 am-4pm. You should prefer contacting by telephone on +358 40 489 9801 and email at

The City’s other customer service points also provide services by telephone and electronically.

Information for visitors

You can check opening hours for companies and sights on our calendar.