Health centre

A strong recommendation for a face mask remains

So far, the use of a face mask is strongly recommended at all social and healthcare service locations for everyone over 12 years of age. The face mask is not required if the person cannot wear it due to health reasons or is under 12 years of age. However, at elderly peoples assisted living and rehabilitation departments any visitors over 7 years of age must wear a face mask.

Services in summer

  • During the summer, the health centre serves only in urgent and semi-urgent matters.
  • The emergency clinic serves Mon–Fri 8–15.30.
  • Non-urgent controls are not conducted during the summer (weeks 23-32).
  • The distribution point of care supplies is open as usual throughout the summer.
  • Marevan outpatient clinic and foot therapy outpatient clinic are open all summer.
  • The respiratory infection clinic serves all summer, as well as covid-19 telephone counselling numbers.


What to do if you suspect having the corona virus
The City’s coronavirus information
Vaccinations against coronavirus

For covid-19 related questions and appointments, please call Mon-Thu at 8–15.30 and Fri at 8–14 tel. 040 547 7764 or tel. 040 481 0344. On weekends and public holidays, make an appointment online (Coronabot) or call HUS emergency service tel. 116 117.

The majority of social and health services of the City continue for the time being, and no appointments are cancelled. Please come alone to the clinic, not escorted by family members or anyone.

Appointment reservations to the health centre

Other than covid-19 matters: please call tel. 019 520 4351 for the assessment of your need for treatment and appointment. The line is open Mon–Fri at 8–15.30 with a call back service until 15.

You will receive a confirmation and a reminder of your appointment, as well as the specified reception time by an SMS text message

  • at the time of booking
  • one day before the appointment and
  • 30 minutes before the start of your reception time.

Your appointment time is not reserved for a specific doctor or nurse.

When you come to the Näsi Health Centre for a nurse’s or doctor's appointment, please use the main entrance and register by the self-service kiosk. You can register with ID card or Kela card with barcode, driver's license or by entering your personal identity number. The kiosk guides you to the right waiting room.

Access time to treatment (T3 week 25/2021)

  • doctor 28 days

Do not come to the reception if you are sick

Please cancel your appointment if

  • you have any symptoms of a respiratory infection such as runny nose, cough, sore throat, muscle aches, fever, loss of sense of smell and taste or
  • you have stomachache and/or diarrhea or
  • you have been in close contact with a coronavirus infection or
  • have been abroad during the last two weeks.

Cancellation of appointment

You can cancel your appointment by calling the assessment for the need for treatment, tel. 019 520 4351. When calling, please select the option ‘cancel time’ and leave a message to the voice mail. It works 24/7. The appointment must be cancelled no later than 24 hours before. No-show without cancellation will be charged according to the price list if you are over 18 years of age.

Customer fees (in Finnish)

Make a symptom assessment in Omaolo web service

The symptom assessment web service reliably tells whether your symptoms require professional care or self-care. Read more about Omaolo

Information and self-care instructions also in the health library in Finnish.

Medical history form

If requested, please print and fill in a medical history form before coming to the reception.