Green energy production

An effective way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the increasing utilisation of renewable energy sources. The district heating of Porvoon Energia is almost completely produced with biofuels. Porvoon Energia’s power plant in Tolkkinen uses Finnish wood as fuel – primarily by-products from forestry – so it runs fully on biofuel. The locally sourced raw material means shorter transportation distances and thus smaller emissions as well. The district heating in Porvoo is also partly produced with biogas. The ash from the plant’s electrostatic precipitator is also collected and used as forest fertiliser.

Porvoon Energia also produces and sells the cleanest energy in Finland. All the electricity sold by the company is one hundred per cent free of carbon dioxide and verified with a guarantee of origin. The company also produces and sells EKOenergy certified by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

In addition, the company is the first energy company in Finland to rent out wind energy shares to its customers.