Energy saving in the city’s buildings

The City of Porvoo is committed to reducing its energy consumption from the level of 2017 by 4 per cent by 2020 and by 7.5 per cent by 2025.

To achieve the goal, energy efficiency is at the centre of everything related to the city’s buildings.


  • All new and renovated buildings will receive solar panels. In addition, solar panels will be installed in 3–5 old buildings each year.
  • Solar energy in city buildings
  • District heating is used in the district heating area, and the district heating produced by Porvoon Energia is almost completely renewable.
  • Other areas use geothermal heating, except groundwater areas, and air to water heat pumps.
  • Building services engineering solutions (lighting, ventilation, heating) are implemented as energy-efficiently as possible. In old buildings, old or broken systems are replaced with energy-efficient alternatives.
  • The multi-functionality and utilisation rate of buildings is improved.
  • Unnecessary and dilapidated buildings are relinquished either by demolishing or selling them.

Research project on energy consumption

Porvoo is participating in the CANEMURE project coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute. The core objectives of the project are the reduction of energy consumption and optimisation of the use of renewable energy with the help of digital solutions.

The City of Porvoo's subproject in CANEMURE