Energy-efficient land policy

The land policy unit markets and assigns plots, acquires land, prepares land use agreements and produces map and geospatial data materials. The land policy unit also handles property formation and building control measurements.

The City of Porvoo’s land acquisition and transfer encourages plot recipients to think about energy-efficient solutions. Energy efficiency involves for example the following:

  • utilisation of Porvoo’s green district heating
  • paying attention to passive solar energy – for example when positioning buildings on the plot, positioning spaces inside the building and designing the yard area
  • preparing for later use of solar energy
  • paying attention to providing shelter from the wind when positioning buildings and yards
  • favouring wooden buildings
  • using bicycles as transport and reserving sufficient storage space for bicycles
  • utilising public transportation

Information about the solutions is provided in connection with the sale of the plot. Plot buyers receive a bulletin about district heating, among other things.