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Leena Häkkinen and Timo Väänänen: Kanteleen kielin

The Kanteleen Kielin exhibition takes visitors on a journey to the sounds, strings and minds of the kantele.

Leena Häkkinen and Timo Väänänen started investigating internationally the kantele with their working group in 2008. Twelve field trips have been accumulated over the years, the closest destination has been Estonia, the farthest is Western Siberia. During the trips, material has been collected from 16 nations. The material has been used in radio programs, audio discs, books and exhibitions.

At the core of the exhibition is the sound work Matkalla by the sound artist Leena Häkkinen, master of philosophy, and doctor of music Timo Väänänen. You can jump into the journey of the approximately 30-minute sound work at any point, as it plays in the exhibition space as a continuous stream.

Workgroup Kanteleen kielin:
Leena Häkkinen
Timo Väänänen
Kari Dahlblom (1955–2017)
Matti Kontio (1948–2017)

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