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Klitsa Antoniou: Making Waves

Klitsa Antoniou’s work, always drawing from archival material, delves into issues of space, confinement, personal and political borders, and censorship in order to provide an immersive, empathic, multisensorial and participatory experience. By concentrating on incarcerated spaces, the artist brings these heterotopic spaces to the Porvoo Art Hall to release their imaginative potential within the space of the gallery and its rich history. These transgressive acts of transculturation aim to light up an imaginary spatial field, a set of relations that are not separate from dominant structures and ideology but go against the grain and offer lines of flight and as Michel Foucault puts it, a ‘passage which is an enclosure’. (Foucault 1987, 76). These passages offer a route to the outside, thus detaching the viewers from themselves to generate the possibility of emotional empathic identification with the political acts and personal suffering of people like Rosa Luxemburg and other incarcerated political prisoners and people who flee conflict zones and economic depravations, to bring these to the present precarious times we live in.

At the Art Hall, we will see three works by Klitsa Antoniou. The video installation Something Exceedingly Strange is Happening this Year (2020), the multimedia installations No Photographs should be taken beyond this point (2020) and Making Waves (2022)


KLITSA ANTONIOU is a Professor of Fine Arts at the Fine Arts Department of the Cyprus University of Technology. She studied at Wimbledon School of Art and Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design [B.F.A.] in London, at Pratt Institute [Master in Fine Arts] and New York University [D.A.] in New York. Since 2014 she holds a PhD in Theory and Philosophy of Art (Dissertation title: Contemporary Cypriot Art: Loss, Trauma, Affect and the Material that Passes into Sensation) from The Cyprus University of Technology.

As an artist, she has exhibited in major museums, galleries and art institutions worldwide, and in 2019 she represented Malta at the Venice Biennale with the work Atlantropa-X.

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