Electric car, rideshare or bicycle?

Did you know that increasing cycling and walking by 20 per cent on an annual level would bring savings of 3.7 million euros through health benefits! Currently approximately one third of the journeys made by the residents of Porvoo are made on foot or by bicycle. Yet many journeys of under five kilometres, which a large part of the journeys of Porvoo residents are, could easily be made by bicycle. Look at the Porvoo cycling map and routes (attached) and hop on a bike!

Porvoo cycling map

Approximately eight per cent of Porvoo residents’ journeys are made by public transportation, while 58 per cent of journeys are made by car. The climate impact of public transportation and ridesharing is smaller than that of travelling by car, which is why they are a good choice for reducing your carbon footprint. If finding a suitable public transportation line or rideshare from door to door feels challenging or does not fit your schedule, why not still travel some of the way sustainably! The park and ride areas are an excellent option for this!

One litre of traditional petrol releases over two kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere! Biofuels and electricity produced from renewable sources provide an opportunity to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from traffic. Electricity is also more affordable compared to fossil fuels, and new charging infrastructure is built all the time.