Coronavirus infections in Porvoo

Updated on July 27th 2021

This page contains information on COVID-19 infections in the City of Porvoo compiled by the City of Porvoo. The following information is published on this page:

  • a weekly overview of the coronavirus situation in Porvoo: infections and testing in Porvoo
  • vaccination progress in Porvoo
  • bulletins: COVID-19 infections and mass exposures 

COVID-19 infections, testing and vaccinations in Porvoo in week 29 (19th July - 25th July  2021)

COVID-19 testing and infections in Porvoo:

  • number of COVID-19 tests 1137
  • positive test results 19
  • number of people exposed to the virus 60
  • positive test results since the beginning of the epidemic (cumulative) 720
  • share of positive results of those tested 1,67 %
  • infection source known 58 %
  • number of people exposed to the virus since the beginning of the epidemic (cumulative) 3895
  • incidence (number of infections per 100,000 residents over a period of two weeks) 69,3

More detailed municipality-specific (incl. Porvoo) infection and incidence numbers are available in the online service maintained by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

Infections and incidence in the THL online service

Vaccination progress in Porvoo

By the 25th of July 2021 68 per cent of residents of Porvoo have got the first dose of vaccination against COVID-19, and about 36 per cent have got the second dose. More detailed information on the COVID-19 vaccination coverage per age group is available in the THL online service.

COVID-19 vaccination coverage in Porvoo by age group 

Further information on vaccinations in Porvoo

Infections and mass exposures in City of Porvoo

The City of Porvoo informs about infections and mass exposure when they impact on the city services or/and when the amount of infecionts or exposures is large.

Bulletins on earlier infections and mass exposures (in Finnish)