Carbon-neutral Porvoo

In autumn 2014, Porvoo joined the Towards Carbon-Neutral Municipalities (HINKU) project, aiming for an 80% reduction in emissions. Porvoo had already set similar objectives in its city strategy and environmental programme.

The shared goal is climate change mitigation. At the same time, cost savings are also achieved. The methods used are saving energy and materials as well as promoting energy efficiency in service production, construction, procurement and maintenance. The operating processes are updated to correspond to the challenges.

  • In the Towards Carbon-Neutral Municipalities (HINKU) project, municipalities, companies, residents and specialists act together to create and implement solutions for restricting greenhouse gas emissions.
  • HINKU municipalities are committed to aiming for an 80% reduction in emissions from the 2007 level by 2030.
  • The project is led by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE).

Porvoo is an advanced HINKU municipality

Energy-efficient Skaftkärr residential area

  • One of the city’s most significant projects is the energy-efficient Skaftkärr residential area.
  • In the area, energy efficiency is taken into account in everything from zoning to construction and from housing to the daily choices of the residents.
  • Skaftkärr is a large and unique effort on the Finnish scale.
  • The experiences and results are going to be extensively utilised elsewhere in Finland, too.

Introduction of renewable energy sources

The majority of Porvoon Energia’s district heating is produced with wood-based fuels at the biomass-fired power plant in Tolkkinen.

  • Porvoo’s district heating is currently 90% biofuel-based.
  • In the future, the goal is to make the district heat production 100% renewable by using solar heating.
  • The city aims to promote the use of district heating by means of zoning, for instance.
  • The residents are also informed of the benefits and opportunities of district heating as early as during the building permit process.
  • In areas not connected to the district heating network, the use of other renewable energy sources is promoted.


HINKUmappi is a database for energy and climate actions that is published as a joint effort between the users. In the service, you can learn about projects that have been carried out to mitigate climate change. You can also tell others how you have managed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The service is open to everyone. It provides companies with visibility for their actions that are intended to bear the environmental responsibility. Private individuals can also add their information to HINKUmappi, since even the smallest actions are important, setting an example to be followed by others.


HINKU Forum is network of pioneers in climate change mitigation established in 2013, bringing together municipalities that have committed to ambitious reductions in emissions, cleantech companies and experts in energy and climate issues.

HINKU Forum shares information on the best practices in climate change mitigation, supports the climate work of municipalities and creates demand for climate-friendly products and services. The Forum website provides municipalities, companies and households with information on the climate impacts of actions to reduce emissions. This information is of assistance when you want to report your energy-saving actions in HINKUmappi.