Building and planning

The City of Porvoo's goal is to develop the city's community infrastructure to be energy efficient and provide adequate plots of land each year. Plots are offered for single-family housing and other residential and business building needs.

Plots for detached houses

The City of Porvoo markets single-family plots from all over the city. The single-family plots are meant for private people to build their own homes on.

Some of the plots are sold through a tendering process and some of them are sold at fixed prices set by the city council. It is also possible to rent some of the fixed-price plots. The fixed-price plots are distributed through a lottery. Half of the plots are distributed by lottery to applicants who are Porvoo residents and the rest of the plots are distributed between all applicants.

Plots for terraced houses and flats

Plots for blocks of flats and terraced houses are sold according to demand. Vacant plots can be found in different parts of the town. The city housing policy is taken into consideration when releasing the plots. Most of the plots are sold at fixed prices decided by the city council. Plots are also sold from time to time by a call for tender.

Plots for companies

Company plots are available in the Kaupunginhaka and Ölstens parts of the city. Parties interested in company plots should negotiate with the city. The negotiations will need to cover, among other things

  • the company´s business and operations
  • the need for land
  • the amount of floor space
  • the intended project´s suitability regarding town planning and building regulations
  • the impact on employment.

Company plots are generally rented. After the building has been completed, it is possible to purchase the plot.

Further information on plots of land
Land acquisition and disposal
Tel. +358 20 69 2250


Porvoo City Planning is responsible for the Master plan and local detailed plans, as well as for preparing local detailed shore plans for private land owner areas. City planning also includes:

  • various urban development projects
  • providing building supervision in areas without local plans
  • permits for the extraction of land resources
  • advice on renovating Old Porvoo