A city for all seasons

The city of Porvoo offers diverse activities all year round. You can explore National Urban Park, Porvoo archipelago, Nature trails, experience Geocaching or photograph the famous shorehouses. The narrow cobbled streets along with the colorful wooden houses, the church on top of the hill, small, but charming museums, and local boutiques - you will not regret a visit to our beautiful city, no matter which time of the year you come over here. It is not only the second oldest town in Finland. Porvoo will surprise you with its energy and local flavor. Here you will find the diverse activities for all seasons throughout the year.

SPRING in Porvoo

Porvoo - a city of charming moments becomes even more charming during the spring season. The weather is getting warmer, the nature awakens and the sun shines. Trees and flowers come into bloom, while birds sweetly sing on the branches of the trees. 

  • Take your family and friends and join the Seal Safari on a wooden fishing boat. It is a great opportunity to enjoy wildlife and have a picnic in the amazing silence of the outer archipelago. 
  • Dreaming that you are on the beach and looking out toward to the open sea? Then Varlaxudden seashore is the perfect place for you - listen to the waves and enjoy the stunning view!
  • Gather a group and come to solve our Island Riddles. Collect the clues to walk you through our enchanting forests, stunning cliffs and silent waters.
  • Bird watching - Finland is the most eastern country in Europe, and one of the most northerly too. Thanks to its location, Finland affords the birder with opportunities to see more than 450 species of birds that are difficult to see elsewhere. In Porvoo, you can do bird watching in one of the following places: Ekkudden, Sikosaari and Ruskis.
  • You can fully experience the nature and archipelago with a help of local tour operator Porvoo Tours. They offer various activities and ways to explore the city as well as its surroundings. 

SUMMER in Porvoo

During summer, idyllic Old Porvoo is filled with people enjoying culture, shopping, good food and great atmosphere. Maybe because the summer season in Finland lasts for only a few months, we try to spend as much time as possible outside, and soak all the energy the sun offers us.

  • Porvoo river or archipelago cruises ? or a river cruise on the historical ship dated 1912? Check out the list of cruises lines we have in Porvoo. 
  • Board a genuine steam train right in the middle of Helsinki and experience historical Porvoo as well as the picturesque countryside in style.
  • Enjoy the famous ice cream made  by a Michelin-star chef Samuli Wirgentius  - the famous kiosk is located in the heart of Old Porvoo, but also one of the most delicious ice cream is sold by bike that rolling around the city and making stops at the parks and street corners during summer. 
  • Noark World - Scale Model Exhibition "Adventure around the world!" is an exciting show room where a model railway runs through many famous cities and familiar buildings in Finland and around the world. The exhibition is free of charge and open only during summer. Do not miss your chance!
  • Discover the nature reserve and visit our charming lighthouse located on the island - Söderskär.
  • Spend a fun and sunny day playing golf with your friends or family at one of our perfect golf courses in Porvoo. 
  • Having a picnic is the best way to enjoy the magic of the season and fulfill your travel experience. With miles of pure nature, we have some perfect spots for eating outside. In the heart of Old Porvoo you will find a calm open yard of Gallery Vanha Kappalaisentalo, where you can enjoy the moment with your family and friends. There is also a playhouse for children. Another cozy spot for relaxing in the shades of the trees and enjoying the river and beautiful scenery is Maari bay located next to the Castle Hill. Feel welcome to pack a picnic basket and spread a blanket on the riverbank of Porvoonjoki right in the citycentre or go to the beautiful park area of the ski centre Kokonniemi where you can admire the spectacular city views. There are also dozens of parks in the city centre where you can eat, sit and contemplate. Please enjoy and respect the city of Porvoo and its citizens - collect the trash and do not leave a mark. 
  • Experience a peaceful kayaking into beautiful landscapes of Porvoo river and archipelago. Rent a kayak from Poukama, Natura Mare, Rent a kayak or Porvoon kala ja saariretket and enjoy the scenery and nature along the way!
  • Fish your dinner! If you want to fully experience the outdoors, there are lots of quality bank fishing opportunities along the river. Furthermore, near the Kokonniemi park you will find a well-equipped public BBQ-place with a grill, benches and plenty of space for having a picnic. You can also use the services one of the fishing companies in Porvoo.  Make sure you have a valid Fishing permit.
  • Spend a day at the beach! We have supervised beaches at Kokonniemi outdoor swimming pool and Hasselholma beach at Veckjärvi. Both beaches are close to the city centre, have toilets and changing cubicles. Hasselholma also has a cooking shelter, a sport ground, a playground, exercise equipment and rowing boats. At Hasselholma you can also reserve a sauna from the lifeguards. 
  • Narrative SMAKU walk - enjoy tasty food in a tasty ambience! “Smaku” is a joint creation of the restaurants of Porvoo providing visitors with food portions in a journey of tastes adventure. Porvoo restaurants provide small special Smaku-portions of their own choice, from their menus. The ingredients of each portion are locally produced whenever possible and of seasonal choice. The event is usually organized at the end of August, but you can also book an individual tour all year round from Porvoo Tours

AUTUMN in Porvoo

Autumn in Porvoo is the most colorful season when the leaves on the trees turn into yellow, red and orange. This time of the year, is definitely the best to take lovely pictures both of idyllic Old Porvoo and of nature scenery’s in the surroundings.

  • Come and enjoy fabulous shopping night, eaiting and live music in Old Porvoo! Check out the video.
  • Autumn is a perfect season for mushroom & berry picking. Finnish forests are full of  blueberry, lingonberries, wild strawberry, chanterelles and boletes. Remember the right clothing and footwear since weather can be highly unpredictable. The best is to wear clothing that covers the skin to avoid scratches, sunburn and mosquito bites. If you are uncertain whether a berry or mushroom is safe to eat - do not eat it!
  • Finland is in the list of top five places in the world to see the Northern lights. While September-October is the best period of the year to see the most incredible natural phenomena. It is difficult to predict the activity more then 2-24 hours beforehand, so it's worth to use Aurora alerts and other weather apps. Visit Porvoo and take a chance to get one of the most spectacular experience in you life!
  • Enjoy a high quality guided fishing experience on the Gulf of Finland. South Coast Fishing Adventures , Augur Kalastuspalvelu or Porvoon Kala- ja Saariretket provide you with memorable fishing trips in the uniquely beautiful southern archipelago.
  • Are you interested in art? Autumn is the perfect season to visit art galleries. Enjoy a wealth of art events and exhibitions in Porvoo - from sculpture and installations to modern, fancy as well as classical and serene paintings. Find out What's on in Porvoo’s museums and galleries, including the best ticketed and free art exhibitions.

WINTER in Porvoo

Winter time is a magical time to visit Porvoo and the traditional Christmas markets makes this time of year especially festive. During the festive season merchants set up their stalls of homemade delicacies and traditional handicrafts, bringing the Christmas spirit to locals and visitors alike.

  • Experience old-time magic at our Christmas markets. Christmas season in Porvoo is full of charming events and activities. Check out What's on in Porvoo and stay tuned!
  • Cross-country and downhill skiing - Kokonniemi Skicentre is located next to downtown of Porvoo. The ski area consists of six very different slopes and many different cross country skiing tracks. You can also rent your skis & snowboard equipment here.
  • Skate in idyllic city center - outdoor ice-skating is healthy, fanatstic fun and an uplifting way to enjoy Finnish winter! The biggest public outdoor ice rink is a school football field located in the city center. All public ice rinks are free of charge. No skate rental. If the winter is cold enough, you can also ice skate on the frozen river (weather permitting!).
  • An absolutely best hill for sledding! The Castle Hill, which is literally located in a few hundred meters from Old Porvoo, during winter turns into the fabuluos place for sledding. The hill rises as high as 30 meters, towering over the valley of the Porvoo river. 
  • Exciting about a true Winter Wonderland? With Bo & Tua Uddström you will be able to get one of the most marvelous experience  - kick-sled racing, snowmobile safari in the archipelago, snowshoeing and more. Visit Porvoo and take the plunge into a world of adventure!
  • Come and taste our traditional Finnish Christmas drink - glögi made by heating up sweetened red wine with spices like cinnamon, cloves, allspice, nutmeg, orange peel, ginger etc. Enjoy a cup of glögi with a traditional Runeberg's cake in one of the restaurants and cafes in Old Porvoo.
  • Ice-fishing is a exceptional winter experience in Finland. Check out the list of fishing companies we have in Porvoo and book your trip!